Thesis Writing Guidelines That Are Good For Students


Thesis Writing Guidelines That Are Good For Students – Usually the writing of an undergraduate thesis Wildefire Bistro will be found in students and students who are at the final level, at this level students will or have to complete a scientific work or what is commonly called the word undergraduate thesis. Meanwhile, to write an undergraduate thesis, it must be adjusted to the applicable rules from writing to correct citation.

The meaning of this undergraduate thesis itself is a scientific paper from the results of research by undergraduate (undergraduate) students who usually discuss a certain phenomenon in accordance with applicable rules or regulations. Usually people refer to this with the word or by the term undergraduate thesis.

So before getting to the core of the discussion, here I will explain a little about the meaning of this undergraduate thesis. Undergraduate thesis can also be interpreted as one of the scientific works that will be compiled by students and must be completed with the assistance of supervisors as a requirement for completing this level one education.

For those of you who want to know how to write an undergraduate thesis, we will explain it as below, hopefully this discussion can help you and hopefully the explanation below is clear so that you can understand it easily.

Types Or Methods For Research At Undergraduate Thesis

To make a scientific paper or undergraduate thesis, you can use one of the methods, namely qualitative and quantitative. The difference between this qualitative and quantitative undergraduate thesis is in the data you will use and how you will analyze it. You can use both of these methods for your undergraduate thesis in any major.

  • Qualitative Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate Thesis qualitative using the method of interview or in-depth observation of the research subject. Because qualitative thesis research does not use mathematical calculations, usually, the data collection process takes a long time for accurate analysis results.

  • Undergraduate Quantitative Thesis

Undergraduate A quantitative thesis uses a survey or questionnaire distributed to research subjects as a research method. After the data has been collected, mathematical calculations are carried out to get a conclusion. Generally, quantitative thesis also uses software to process data, for example SPSS.

If you ask which method is more difficult or which is easier then I will tell you here. If you want to determine these two things then what you have to pay attention to is the subject of the research and the hypothesis that you want to prove or examine. However, this also determines the interests of the student or the writer himself.

For research using qualitative methods itself is very suitable for students who like social science, conducting interviews, carrying out observations and analyzing any data from these objects.

However, for research using quantitative methods it is suitable for students who are happy in exact science, doing calculations, surveys and experimenting.

So those are the methods that you can use in terms of writing a Undergraduate Thesis as a requirement to graduate from this undergraduate degree.

Format For Writing An Undergraduate Thesis

To write a scientific work like this Undergraduate Thesis, you must be able to adjust the format and rules that already apply. So by using the appropriate format, your scientific work can be accepted and considered correct according to the basic rules.

Example of Writing Format for Undergraduate Thesis As Below:

  • Using A4 paper
  • Times New Roman typeface
  • Times New Roman 12 letters
  • Title letter 14, Bold with Capital format
  • Sub letters, 12, Bold
  • Left margin 4 cm
  • Right margin 3 cm
  • Top margin of 4 cm
  • 3 cm Bottom Margin

Structure For Writing An Undergraduate Thesis

So here you also have to understand and understand the structure to make an Undergraduate Thesis, not just the format that you should know. Because the structure itself also includes the rules in the Undergraduate Thesis itself. So for those of you who are curious, you can get it as below.

  1. Qualitative Structure

consists of three parts, namely the initial part:

  • Cover page
  • Title
  • Approval sheet
  • Abstract
  • Prakarta
  • Table of contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of picture
  • Appendix List

The content section consists of:

Chapter I Introduction

  • research background
  • Research purposes
  • theoretical framework
  • use of research science

Chapter II Research Methods

  • Approach and type of research
  • Research sites
  • Data source
  • Research procedure
  • Data analysis technique
  • Research stages

Chapter III Exposure of Research Results

Chapter IV Discussion

Chapter V Conclusion

  • Fill in the end or cover
  • References
  • Attachments and photos of research results
  1. Quantitative writing structure

Quantitative thesis writing, namely:

  • Cover
  • approval sheet
  • Prakarta
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of picture

The beginning

  • Preliminary
  • Background
  • Problem Identification
  • Scope of problem
  • Formulation of the problem
  • Research purposes
  • Research science benefits

Content section

  • Theoretical foundation, frame of mind and hypothesis
    Research procedures section
  • Research population
  • Research Instruments
  • Data collection technique
  • Data analysis techniques

Closing Part

  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Attachments
Thesis guide for quick completion

There is nothing wrong with running the following tips, even though you already understand the rules of the game of writing a thesis:

  • Choose a topic or title that suits your interests so you don’t feel overwhelmed while working on the thesis.
  • To get inspiration in determining the title of the thesis, go to the campus library.
  • Specify at least three different thesis titles, so you don’t have to search from the beginning if your supervisor rejects them.
  • For those of you who are planning to continue postgraduate at UNJ, determine the title of the thesis that you can use to work on your thesis later.
  • Doing thesis one hour every day is better than one day every week.
  • Immediately make revisions after each guidance so that revisions do not accumulate later

For more details, you can directly contact your supervisor directly, this will help you more easily understand how to solve this. As long as fighting for all of you who are working on things like this.So that’s about the guide for writing a scientific work which is usually also called the word Undergraduate Thesis. Hopefully this can help you students to complete your assignments.

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