The Value of the Internet in Education Today

Education today is largely fueled by activity on the Internet in various ways. The two most important aspects of this relationship between the Internet and education are research and teaching. For years persons were able to receive tutelage from others overseas. These correspondence courses were unique but took weeks, sometimes months for students to get feedback from the teachers. It likewise took the same amount of time for teachers to receive completed work.

Today the Internet has made a complete transformation where education via correspondence is concerned. Now, distance learning is quick and easy. Not only are assignments submitted by the click of a mouse, but teacher’s responses are received much faster. This impacts education in that courses are completed in a timely fashion.

The Internet has also broadened the scope of what can be done via distance learning. Many more courses are now offered that initially proved difficult when the only option was snail mail. Not only has the Internet resulted in more courses but also all levels of accreditation. Persons are earning their bachelor’s and master’s degrees via Internet-based education.

Almost all major universities now offer some type of online training. Many of these programs are now available to students not only locally, but also regionally and internationally. In fact, some program offerings are so advanced that there is real time interaction among tutors and students. Not only can all the participants hear each other but in many cases they can also see each other by using webcams.

The easier access to academic resources online has also impacted education greatly. The fact that much of this information is free is of great significance. Added to this is the fact that online and on-campus students have access to their university libraries via the web. Finding the required study material has been improved due to their greater availability online. This also means that a larger number of students can access the same material at any one time. The technology has definitely come of age where education and the Internet are concerned.

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