The MBA Student’s Guide to Using the Cloud

If you are an MBA student, you can immensely benefit from using the “cloud”. Cloud storage is an extremely convenient and flexible way of storing your data that also gives you peace of mind. This especially true if you are taking an online program.  UAB offers an online MBA program where uploading information, assignments, and notes can help a student replicate traditional college study experiences.

Storing all your data on the cloud will enable you to save valuable information on hosted servers. This means that your entire digital inventory (like documents, photos, music, and videos) can be stored remotely, without consuming megabytes on your system or your physical space.

These servers are owned and managed by hosting companies, which offer you data access through the internet. Users get their distinct log-in information, like usernames and passwords, and can access their files at any time and place.

Cloud storage is known for its simplicity and ease of use. When you register and create an account, you can save various files using an internet connection with the use of a username and a password. This ensures the safety and security of your valuable data and makes it inaccessible to others. However, it also gives you the option of placing certain permissions in place so that you can share your information with others if you wish. This feature makes it simple to view and share files in a collaborative environment. You can share your reading materials and notes with your classmates.

It will also help you organize your files. This comes in handy when you are using multiple computers or devices. For instance, if you edit a report on your laptop, but want to continue work on your tablet, cloud storage allows you to pick up where you left off. You will not have to make these changes again to make sure that your file is up-to-date. The cloud will update the original file instantly.

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