The Importance of Using Various Academic Resources in Research

When it comes to research it is important to get information from various academic sources. Some persons feel that using the Internet is all that is need. They will search various websites and use the articles they find. However, academic resources come in various formats and it is a good idea to use more than one when writing or doing research.

Academic resources include books, journals, papers, newspapers and documents. In general they are described as those writings that have been reviewed by peers. They tend to be based on research done on a particular topic. These kinds of information are generally found in publications from universities, university lectures, government agencies and similar organizations.

In general, it is important to identify what are not considered academic resources. While some research is involved and they can be used as source material, these are not generally seen as academic resources:

•Popular magazines such as Time, BusinessWeek and Sports Illustrated
•Magazine articles or books that have not been peer reviewed
•Website articles and blog posts

When a variety of academic resources are used in research, it provides a wider viewpoint. This makes it much more interesting to write the paper. With various perspectives from difference sources, the student needs to really understand the topic and select an angle. Otherwise, it becomes easy to just write what has been read. Using just one source for information also makes it easier for plagiarism to occur.

Using different source material also make it less tiring or boring when researching and writing on more mundane topics. This is especially true for high school students who have so many papers to write on topics that may not interest them. Different ways of presenting the same material by different authors sometimes makes it easier to understand a difficult subject.

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