The Importance of Online Resources in Education

The explosion of online schools and courses has given rise to a greater demand for online academic resources. Many persons who turn to the Internet to further their education via distance learning do so for many reasons. Some of these include not being able to get the time to go to a physical location due to work and family obligations. Others are constrained by finances as they may need to travel to other countries or states to take part in the courses.

The same constraints also dictate that they have easy access to the academic resources needed. Many of these academic resources come in various forms, such as books, journals, papers, newspapers and documents. As such these materials have to be available online to accommodate students who need them. In fact, for many students who study via the Internet it is vital to the success of their education that they can access their research material online.

The abundance of academic resources online demands that students know where to find what they need. It is also important that persons who access them know how to evaluate the source of the academic resources as well as the material itself. Not all sites carry reference material for all subject areas.

The cost of print publications is also a deterrent to many students. Online access is in many cases much cheaper. For one, it is usually necessary to subscribe to for a set period of time to get print copies of journals plus wait for them to be delivered. With many online journals individual copies can be purchased and often become immediately available.

Specialized Websites

It is important to know when to use websites dedicated to providing academic resources for specific subjects. Some cater to general markets, while others provide research material in one field of study. For the serious scholar, specialized sites are the best sources of information.

Some fields where there are specialized websites with recognized academic resources are archaeology, law, economics and engineering. They make it easier to find the right information quickly which is important to time-strapped researchers.

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