Online Academic Resources and the Issue of Plagiarism

Plagiarism in its simplest form is the taking of someone else’s writing and ideas and passing them off as your own. This has always existed to some degree or other in the education field. This is common with students who lift entire blocks, sometimes the entire article written by someone else and present it to teachers as their work. Some offenders really don’t know that they are doing something wrong, others are quite aware but take the risk for a good grade.

The advent of the Internet has definitely made it possible for plagiarism to strive in a sense. More academic resources are available online than in print or in physical libraries. This means that the days where lecturers and teachers could easily spot copied work are long gone. The volume of academic resources now available makes this impossible as the numbers of experts in the various fields have grown.

With just about everyone having access to online academic resources and word processing software it is easy to copy information from websites, blogs and other electronic media to use in a document. Lack of knowledge about what constitutes plagiarism in the education field is to be partially blamed for the rise in this theft of information.

Avoiding Plagiarism When Using Academic Resources

To avoid the issue of plagiarism, especially in the academic arena the following should be done:

•Students should be thought about plagiarism and copyright.
•Citing sources for material used in research papers used, regardless of level of education should be encouraged.
•Read the academic resources being used as research material and then rephrase in your own words. This also helps you to understand what you have read.

Plagiarism is a serious matter and can lead to many different problems. Scholars and academics can lose credibility as well as their jobs. Students can be dismissed from an institution and may even find that no other educational institution wants to take them. So while taking information from academic resources online is easy, the consequences can be life changing.

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