How to Search for Academic Resources Online

When it comes to searching for academic resources online, there are a few tricks of the trade that can make the process easier. While typing the subject or a few key terms into Google will provide lots of hits, this can be counterproductive. Few persons have the time to spend looking over hundreds of results to find the few that contain useful information. There is no doubt that in those hundreds of hits, quite a few will be solid academic resources, but they may not all be among the first results provided.

How to Narrow the Search Online

To make the most of online research, a knowledgeable researcher will take some of the following steps:

•Read over the question or problem properly in order to narrow down the results obtained.
•Know what types of academic resources you want as this will make it easier to find what is needed. If all the information being sourced is to be from journals, then the search can be limited to journal titles.
•Use regular search engines to get a definition or a simple discussion of the topic. For serious academic resources, they will not do. Using search engines dedicated to helping the scholar is the best bet. There are many such search engines which help in finding academic resources of various kinds. Some may contain information from books, journals, papers, newspapers and documents. Others may just focus on journal articles or citations from published works. A popular such search engine is Google Scholar, which cites only scholarly sources.
•Go to university websites, they are a treasure trove of articles and leads to scholarly academic resources.

As can be seen, education article research is not hard. With experience and trial and error, finding the right academic resources of various kinds is possible. Interestingly, these methods can be used for both electronic and print material.

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