Citing Academic Resources Found Online

One of the disadvantages faced by scholars when using academic resources found online is citing them. There are in fact many reference sources that show how to cite bibliographic information taken from online sources. While there are similar resources for online material, the various ways the material is presented poses a problem when exploring bibliographic information.

There are a few popular online sources that can be used when deciding how to cite online academic resources. A simple search in any major search engine will provide examples of citation styles for Internet-based academic resources. There are also printed sources available as well. In fact, many popular citation guides carry a section on how to cite online academic resources such as books, journals, papers, newspapers and documents.

Unlike printed academic resources that give details such as author, and place and date of publication, many online resources lack this information. Plus, the various online Internet resources use slight variations. Articles from the web are cited differently than articles from an electronic newspaper or book. In short, academic resources that can be accessed online have their own unique citation style. Yale University website for example has citation styles for various online resources such as online versions of printed journals, blogs, emails and instant messages.

One of the major issues is deciding on the publication date. Many respected online publications are easily updated. This may result in frequently changed dates related to the same core material. One way of dealing with this if no publication date is given, is to use the date the source material was accessed. In fact, this is the recommended approach in many sources.

This problem is avoided however when the electronic material being cited is actually a print publication that was converted to electronic format. If provided by a reputable source printed material that can be accessed online will have all the relevant information needed. It will not be difficult to properly cite any academic resources used in research. Citing online academic resources is different, but with a little research the various methods can be learned.

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