A Sampling of Must Know Internet Academic Resources

Like print resources, there are a few Internet academic resources that serious scholars must have bookmarked. Some of these have print counterparts, others do not. Some of the most well-known academic resources on the Internet are:

This free Internet reference website is the go-to source for information related to literature and reference work. It is a respected online sources of research material available.
When it comes to academic journals, few online sites offer the wealth of titles and information available here. JSTOR or Journal Storage is known for its archives of academic journals dating back to 1665. Some of the available journals can also be accessed through membership to subscribing institutions.
A product of the University of California, INFOMINE has a wealth of information covering many different subjects such as the visual and performing arts, business and economics and medical sciences. Its ejournal listing is also impressive, offering both full text and citations for various journals.

Since a dictionary is a vital academic resource for writers, the availability of accepted dictionaries online is also important. Some of the most popular academic dictionaries available online are Miriam and Webster Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary and the American Heritage Book of English Usage. In addition to these, there are specialized dictionaries that can be found online.

There are more than a few specialized dictionaries which are used as academic resources. Some are subject based, such as focusing on biology or chemistry. Some of these specialized dictionaries are maintained by reputable universities. One such dictionary is the Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government from the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis University Library.

Anyone doing academic research on the Internet will turn to these and other related academic resources. Knowing what is available and how to find them are important for every researcher. Luckily, there are websites and search engines that can be used to find academic resources like these easily.

When it comes to citing academic resources there are also a myriad of online resources that should be bookmarked as reference. No serious academic paper should be submitted with proper bibliographic citations.

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